About Dr. Hailing Fu, D.O.M.

Hailing Fu, D.O.M., is a widely recognized Chinese acupuncturist in Orlando, FL, who is board certified in acupuncture and Eastern medicine. She completed her training in Traditional Chinese Medicine at the University of Guangzhou, China, with a residency at Guangzhou University First Affiliate Hospital. Dr. Fu has practiced acupuncture and Chinese herbal prescriptive medicine in Florida since 1996. She was the Clinic Director and a professor teaching these disciplines at Florida College of Integrative Medicine for seven years. Dr. Fu also volunteered at Harry P. Leu Herbal Society and the Orlando Public Library. She speaks fluent English as well as Mandarin, Cantonese and Hainanese languages. She was a medical doctor in China.


  • Traditional Chinese Medical Degree of TCM at Guangzhou University, China
  • Residency, Internal Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Guangzhou University Affiliate Hospital in China
  • Clinic Director and professor for 7 years at Florida College of Integrative Medicine
  • Was affiliated with fertility physician Dr. Mark Trolice for 6 years treating infertility issues
  • Studied advanced Acupuncture under a professor from China who is an expert with pain management
  • Studied under Professor XiongZhi Wu combining Chinese herbal formulae and Western medical theory and practice in the treatment of auto-immune problems as well as chronic illnesses


  • Pain Modification, Infertility, Internal and Gynecological diseases.
  • Traditional Acupuncture & New Advanced Acupuncture
  • Traditional Herbology Prescriptive Medicine treating various disorders and diseases

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“Dr. Hailing Fu is an incredible person and very professional. I was experiencing back pain for about 8 months, headaches, and felt very tired. For a long time I was looking for alternative medicine to relieve my pain and regain my energy. I am so happy I found this place. Dr. Hailing Fu is an incredible person and very professional. My back pain was relieved the next day with acupuncture and herbs. For some time I felt some pressure but no pain. It is slowly disappearing completely. My headaches have disappeared. I am so amazed at the results. Dr. Fu is very caring and committed to finding the root of the problem and fixing it.”



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