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Some stress in life should be considered normal responses to the problems encountered in our daily lives. However, panic attacks and anxieties that interrupt our sleep patterns and a normal psyche are cause for concern. Chest pain, increased heart rate, nausea, fierce headaches, depression and fatigue are all signs that imbalances have occurred in the body and requires professional attention.

With Chinese medicine, efforts are focused on returning the normal levels of Qi (pronounced chi). This is the life energy force flowing around the body via meridians or energy lines. To accomplish this, the skilled practitioner may discuss “The Four Gates” with you. This will involve the large intestine, points on the hand and foot along with the stomach and spleen. Ultimately your Qi can and will be returned to its proper balance and your health restored. The stomach will be become more relaxed and enjoy normal digestion. New strength will be evident and you will approach life with a greater degree of happiness and confidence. You may be encouraged to make some life changes to control negative thoughts and tendencies. Some people tend to emphasize the negatives of daily living. Ultimately health and well being can and will be affected.

Tips for stress reduction include: 1) Twenty minute walks each day, bicycling, exercise at a gym or activities like Tai Chi and Yoga will add a new dimension to life. 2) Meditation is known to increase brain function, reduce stress and add much peace to any stressed person. Take a class and try it! 3) Learn to laugh! And surround yourself with positive, happy people. Every person is unique with their own needs. The skilled acupuncturist is trained to treat the whole person and will approach your needs of body and spirit. Change will not occur overnight, but it will come to you. There is reason to hope!

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