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Why choose acupuncture and Chinese medicine for your health? Is it right for you?

A. Chinese medicine is a holistic approach to health. Chinese physicians believe the body is a unified organism. Within the body each organ connects and affects the other. One dysfunctional organ may cause the next organ to malfunction. Balancing the internal organs is the key to good enjoyable health.

B. When health fails we treat the cause, not the symptoms. Many symptoms of failing health are the result of internal organ malfunction. For example, headaches can be the result of multiple organ imbalances. Treating the imbalance will eliminate the headache whereas taking pain killers will only temporarily relieve the headache.

C. Chinese medicine is safe. Acupuncture has been used effectively for thousands of years. Herbs are known to have benefited humans for thousands of years. This alone proves them to be effective and safe. Our needles do not contain any medicine. The herbs we use are all from natural plants and minerals. Dr. Hailing Fu was trained in China in both traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine. She understands the human body, disease causes, symptoms, and their final outcomes. Frequently she customizes herbal formulas to fit individual health conditions. Dr. Fu has over 30 years of practical experience and will tell you that most if not all of the time there are no side effects and only mild discomforts from any of her treatments or from ingesting herbs, no matter what the health issue.

If you are suffering from some kind of health condition that has not been helped by traditional doctors or other health practitioners, please call
(407) 851-2533 to make an appointment, and let us find out if we can help you.

Why should you choose Dr. Hailing Fu?

A. First, Dr. Fu will give you straight answers to your questions. Aside from this, she is well known and respected in the community as a kind an caring physician. If she cannot help you, she will inform you of this and can refer you to others who can provide you with the help you need.

B. Second, she is a very knowlegeable and experienced acupuncture physician with great credentials. She graduated from Guangzhou University of TCM in China in 1985 with a two year residency at University Hospital. Dr. Fu has practiced in China and in the USA as an acupuncturist physician for the past 30 years. Additionally, she frequently travels to different cities here and abroad to attend seminars to help her patients. She is presently studying under one of the grand masters of TCM, Dr. Xiongzhi Wu, in China. Dr. Wu is building bridges between Eastern medicine and Western medicine. Using acupuncture and Chinese herbs, he and his students, such as Dr. Fu, are even successfully treating some auto-immune problems. Of those patients who have failed to overcome significant health problems under Western treatment, many have been helped by Dr. Fu in a wide array of issues, particularly pain modification and also infertility. She understands the benefits of both Eastern and Western medicines, procedures and treatments and makes every attempt to help all patients regain health and happiness.

How Does Acupuncture Work?

There are about 400 different points of the body linked together by “nerve centers.” These “meridians” control the flow of vital life energy forces called qi (pronounced chee). Illness only results when qi is out of balance. To rebalance the energy, trained acupuncturists insert disposable hair-thin stainless steel needles at a slight angle to stimulate a new flow of healing energy.

Western medicine understands the release of “endorphins” vital to energizing the body’s attemts to protect and restore itself when threatened. Chinese medicine produces results by stimulating the natural defenses of the body with acupuncture and natural herbs. It is a self-healing system that has produced results for thousands of years without unnecessary surgery or the use of drugs with serious side effects.

What are the great advantages of Chinese medicine?

It is a completely natural therapy. We use sterilized, disposable needles which are inserted into the body and high quality Chinese herbs to stimulate the body and bring it back into balance. There are no side effects. This means a great deal to those who have chronic illnesses and take many medications.

What makes acupuncture different?

The body is a whole system. Chinese medicine emphasizes the body and the environment as a whole. The weather, seasons, living and work conditions affect our health. Each part of the body is connected. A headache can be a sign of an organ imbalance. Many symptoms can be caused by one imbalance of the organs. It is important for us to treat the whole person, not just the symptoms. Treating the cause of disease will bring the body back into balance.

Are there any other conditions that can be treated with acupuncture?

Acupuncture can treat high blood pressure, hypo-thyroidism, diabetes, obesity, alcoholism, and many more conditions. Contact us to learn how we can help you recover from your conditions: (407) 851-2533

Does acupuncture hurt? Are there any side effects?

Acupuncture is practically painless. The disposable needles are extremely thin and always sterilized according to modern surgical standards. A slight tingling pressure may be felt momentarily when the needle reaches the correct spot under the skin.

It is important that the patient be relaxed and comfortable during treatment so that the desired results can be attained.

How long does the treatment last?

Depending on your condition, a typical treatment session may last up to an hour. 

Do I need a Western medical doctor's services while I receive acupuncture and Chinese herbal treatments?
Yes. It is always good to have regular exams with your family doctor. Remember, we work with them. In some cases, Dr. Fu will refer patients to see Western doctors. However, with Chinese Medicine you will discover that there are no blood tests, X-rays or MRI scans. Careful observation and evaluation made on your first visit with Dr. Fu oftentimes reveals very much about the patient’s needs and problems. This allows for proper treatment. Many of her patients have returned to tell her how their lives were saved under her insightful care. You can read about them clicking here.

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