During the pandemic Coronavirus we watched TV news reports every day on how many people were infected and how many people died from this invisible killer. We are left wondering what to do to protect ourselves and our families. Many people infected by the virus had no symptoms and healed by themselves. Others had severe symptoms and died. We know people who died were mostly older citizens who had underlying health conditions. We also learned some who died were young and very healthy. So, people as the questions, why? The key to being healthy and not suffering severe health problems in the face of the Coronavirus is the immune system.
Immune systems too weak with underlying health conditions cannot fight or eliminate the virus and consequently suffer multi organ failure. Then they die. The immune system over responds to the virus causing organ damage and ultimate death in many people, both healthy youth and those advanced in age. I wish to give some tips to our patients and friends as follows:

  • Maintain social distancing, wear a mask and gloves when exposed to crowds.
  • Stabilize your immune system by managing stress. Learn to relax, eg. To take long walks.
  • Get additional rest. Our bodies only restore themselves when we are sleeping.
  • Eat healthy meals, avoid sugars and excessive drinking.
  • Exercise daily but not to the extreme.
  • Stop smoking and avoid all recreational drugs.
  • Treat existing health conditions. Get regular checkups from your physician.

Do these things and you will increase your chances of surviving Pandemic Coronavirus.

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